What We Do

"No investor can afford to ignore macro... unfortunately, most macroeconomics is useless nonsense."
Donald Luskin
Chief Investment Officer

If the Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath have taught investors anything, it is that every security, every market, every country is profoundly interconnected by powerful macroeconomic forces. Yet typical economic analysis failed to predict the crisis, and is powerless to explain how to navigate the post-crisis world.

TrendMacro’s outside-the-box approach to macroeconomic analysis, and our deep insights and intuitions about valuation, sentiment and political dynamics, have led to an extraordinary record of correctly calling the turns in stocks, bonds, credit spreads, interest rates, oil, commodities and the dollar.

We create unique insights into business cycle dynamics, inflation and deflation, and the other great forces that move markets. These are insights for action -- translating directly into ideas for capitalizing on strategic opportunities, ideas that work for asset allocation, risk management, sector selection and security selection.