Serving You

"If investors aren’t thinking about the macro environment now, then they’re just not thinking."
Thomas Demas
Managing Director

Our clients include the largest and best-known global investors, but also smaller firms -- in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and China. They include hedge funds, mutual funds, investment managers, investment banks, corporations, pensions and endowments. Some use us for overall strategic insight, others for ideas in macro positioning, asset allocation, sector selection and risk management.

Many clients who use our macro insights to support micro decisions about individual security selection. They realize that no investor can really understand any individual opportunity without grasping the dynamics of the overall environment in which it operates and competes.

Whatever an investor’s approach, TrendMacro provides insights for action.

Our service includes detailed written reports by Donald Luskin and Michael Warren; short videos that capture the subjective essense of current events; and "Data Insights" that provide outside-the-box instant-insights following major data releases. And it all gets rolled up every Monday morning in our Strategy Summary. Clients have frequent in-person and telephone meetings with Luskin and Warren, as well. A password-protected website archives all our reports and videos.