Michael Warren

Dr. Michael Warren
Energy Strategist
[email protected]

Based in Houston, Mike brings unique and deeply sourced insights into the business, technology and politics of the global energy markets.

Mike was formerly Senior Vice President at Hart Energy, running the upstream research group. He led development of Hart's North American Shale Quarterly, the Workbench, and the Oil & Gas Service Platform,  all field-level tactical intelligence tools that help professionals in the oil patch make critical decisions.

Previously he was National Manager in charge of Latin American research at Toyota, representing the global automaker at the National Petroleum Council in Washington, DC. He was Latin American strategist at Polyconomics, the economics research firm headed by Jude Wanniski.

He earned his Ph.D. in Latin American political economy at Tulane.

He served in the US Army in military intelligence, called to active duty during the Bosnia conflict and post-9/11.