Thomas Demas

Thomas Demas
Managing Director
[email protected]

As client service and marketing point of contact, Tom brings to bear a keen understanding of market-based, supply-side economics and the connection between politics and markets -- as well as a flair for client communications.

Tom was institutional sales manager at Polyconomics, the economics research firm headed by Jude Wanniski. His institutional experience ranges from representing macroeconomics research firms such as H.C. Wainwright Economics, and 13D Research to securities analysts such as GARP Research, Calvert Crary and Farmhouse Equity Research.

As an institutional salesman for both Rochdale Securities and Capital Institutional Services, Tom was involved exclusively in independent research, bringing together the best and brightest on Wall Street with their counterparts in the firms he has represented. Communicating with top decision-makers, Tom has served as the information distribution nexus for timely and need-to-know analysis.

Tom is a graduate of St. Lawrence University with a BA in economics.