Lorcan Roche Kelly

On the October ECB Policy Decision
Thursday, October 4, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
No rate cut, no new policies. Beneath the headlines, the approach to bailouts is changing.
Bring in the Noise
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
After two months of calm, euro area politics are back with a bang.
Europe Beyond Draghi's Promised Land
Thursday, September 13, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
The ECB delivered, and the German court didn't interfere. But the euro crisis isn't over.
On the September ECB Policy Decision
Thursday, September 6, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Draghi delivers.
Exceptional Measures
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
The ECB won't disappoint next week -- and there's still room on the upside.
The August before the Fall?
Monday, August 20, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
It's Europe's best August since forever. But what happens when the politicians come back?
Draghi: Off the Reservation
Friday, August 3, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
All is not lost: what little the ECB did yesterday was enough to make the Bundesbank dissent.
On Draghi in London
Thursday, July 26, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
The ECB chief responds to our critique -- but this is crisis response, not true easing.
Mario Canute
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Europe needs time for pro-growth reforms to work -- instead, it has a too-tight central bank.
On Eurogroup and Draghi in Parliament
Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Slightly more clarity on Spain's bank bailout, and a possible dovish turn for the ECB's Draghi.