Donald L. Luskin

Stock Options Expense: The Big Truth
Wednesday, May 15, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
Investors are insisting that options expense be included in income statements -- but they'll be shocked when they learn how big these expenses really are.
Debating the Valuation Conundrum
Monday, May 13, 2002
Donald L. Luskin and David Gitlitz
David Gitlitz doesn't agree that equity valuations got too high in the late 1990s -- but he and Luskin both think they're too high now.
The New High Plateau: The Valuation Conundrum
Friday, May 10, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
The best reasons for the current era of high equity valuations aren't very good.
Into the Valley of Death Rides Cisco
Wednesday, May 8, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them -- Cisco's report won't be enough to save tech's earnings season.
The "E" in the S&P's "V"
Tuesday, May 7, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
Tech stocks may be overpriced relative to earnings forecasts. But for the S&P 500, the earnings forecasts themselves are overblown.
Options Options
Wednesday, May 1, 2002
Donald L. Luskin and Reuven Brenner
Options are risky derivatives that represent risky claims on human capital -- they should appear on companies' balance sheets.
AO Hell
Thursday, April 25, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
The growth dream is over at AOL. And the rest of the tech sector may be starting to wake up to reality, too.
Mind the Gap
Wednesday, April 24, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
The economy still can't generate the earnings recovery that techstocks need. But it's time to take some more profits off the table.
IBM's Defense Rests
Thursday, April 18, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
Like OJ, IBM says it was framed. But that doesn't mean that it's not guilty.
The Levin-McCain Stock Option Tax Hike: An Option Americans Can’t Afford
Tuesday, April 16, 2002
Donald L. Luskin
Legislation masquerading as a post-Enron financial reform conceals a monstrous multi-billion-dollar tax hike.