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Trump Wants to Cut Interest Rates. Powell Should Do It Anyway.
Donald L. Luskin
Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
The chairman made the case last year for easing if the yield curve inverts—as it did in March.

Most Recent Media Appearance

Fox Business Guest Spins Poll About Not Affording Retirement In Worst Possible Way
Huffington Post
Tuesday, July 9, 2019

On Monday’s broadcast of “Making Money with Charles Payne,” Trend Macrolytics’ chief investment officer Donald Luskin said working forever and not retiring “doesn’t worry me personally.” In fact, he described having to work until death “as a great blessing.”

Payne asked Luskin about the people who want to retire, but can’t afford to do so. 

Luskin acknowledged it is “a problem,” but said questions had to be asked.

“Were you the profligate grasshopper instead of the ant who saved up? I mean, were you just messing around when you were a kid and you didn’t contribute enough to your 401k, or did the economy just fail to provide a job for you, it’s hard to know,” he added.