Oil’s Brexit Crisis

Donald L. Luskin
Michael Warren
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Demand growth wasn’t going to come from Europe. We still say oil is headed to $65.
Strategic view: 

Oil has failed to recover post-Brexit as most other major markets have. This demands close monitoring, as too-low prices almost caused a recession in the first quarter. But we think the present slump is not a post-Brexit demand-shock, but only a well-deserved correction after a near-double from the bottom in February. Indeed, from a position of near-perfect supply/demand balance at mid-year, crude is about to enter into deficit of 1.27 million barrels per day by year-end, which will call forth sharply higher prices. We see no merit in the dominant narrative that stocks aren’t being drawn down as rapidly as they should, as this ignores the sharp draw in OPEC stocks. We reiterate our forecast for oil at $65 by year-end.

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Michael Warren and Donald Luskin